Am I allowed to visit the apartment?

At Buddy flats we make the booking process of an apartment very easy and stress free for both the tenant and landlord.

This enables us to have team of professional photographers that confirm our properties and also choose our landlords cautiously in order to save time on viewings: because it is old-fashioned and time-consuming as well

Our website allows you to view up to forty different apartments on our website, using the same amount of time that it takes to see a room.
We do not Photoshop any picture you see here; they are 100% original, and really accurate.

If you still doubt us,, we’ll keep the money  you transfer us until 24hrs after your move-in date.

If you find something’s contrary to what you saw online, we’ll help you move to anywhere else you want and as well refund your money.

How do I obtain more information about my landlord?

We will only give you the contact details of your respective landlord after your booking has been accepted. But we fully guarantee you that Buddy flats choose the landlords it works with extreme measures and carefully.

When your booking has been accepted, we’ll give you the landlord’s contact details. Then, you are free to discuss all details directly with them, such as when you should moving-in.

Who are the other flat mates?

Students do move in and out at different point in times, so your flat mates may change during your stay.

This is a great opportunity for you to make new friends!

We do normally speak to students who we place in Buddy Flats apartments and we can be rest assured we will find the best and the right place for you also!

What about the Deposit?

The student has to pay a security deposit before moving in to the flat.

Generally speaking, the deposit you paid is used to cover for any potential damages that could occur during the time you stay or be used as rent compensation in case you leave earlier than you originally planned.

If you incur no damages at the time of your stay, and you leave on the agreed move-out date as well, then your deposit should be refunded by the landlord in a way you both agree on.