Landlord Help

Getting started

Why are photos so important?


Because BuddyFlats is an online marketplace, tenants choose their new house based mainly on listing information and picture. That is why it’s very important that the information and pictures are accurate and up-to-date.

If the property is not precisely as it appears in the listing, our tenants have just 24 hours to inform BuddyFlats and can be entitled to a full refund.

Is BuddyFlats just for students?


BuddyFlats is not just mainly for students: anybody can find a house or room with us, even though the majority of our users are strictly students.

We have several demands, which means we have all types of students that want to book your room! These students can be undergraduate, postgraduate students, masters or PHDs or MBAs as well as young professionals.
You are free to give us your ‘preferences’ for the type of tenant you want in your apartment: gender, if the tenant is an international or local, and whether you want students or not. This information will be made available in all your booking requests so that you can be very sure to receive the exact tenants you are looking for!


What are the costs to join?

None. It’s totally free for all landlords to join BuddyFlats.

We just charge a little commission on the bookings that we get you and you accept! If you are interested in joining us, you just need to contact us through our contact us page.


I want to list my property with BuddyFlats. What should I do?

To start working with BuddyFlats, you just need to go to our self service platform.

Welcome to BuddyFlats.




What can I edit in my listings?


Right in your dashboard, your listing’s pricing and availability can be edited

Navigate and Click Edit pricing to set or change:

  • Monthly value rent:can either be fixed or seasonal. Seasonal enables you to charge diverse rent values depending on the month, this is up-to 3 different rent values;
  • Short term penalty: with a stay shorter than desired you can add a penalty for bookings. You can also decide the penalty value and when to use or apply it;
  • Extra charge per tenant:you can add a monthly charge for each of the extra tenant. You can also choose the extra charge value and number of guests;

Navigate and click Edit conditions to set or change:

  • maximum tenantsyou can host per booking;
  • Minimum stay:minimum number of nights for each booking (please note that BuddyFlats minimum nights is 30 ).

You need to click Edit Availability to set or change your availabilities as well

If you edit your availabilities, it will let potential tenants know if your house is taken or it’s still free on the particular dates that they are looking for.


How to edit your listings in quite easy way:

  • You need to Log in to your dashboard in
  • choose the tab Properties located in the upper main menu;
  • Click on the property’s address;
  • To Press Pricing and Availabilities;
  • It Depends on what you want,  click Edit availability, Edit pricingor Edit conditions;
  • Click Saveoption once you are done!

Where can I update my availabilities?

In order to update your availabilities you will need to do the following:

  • Log in your dashboard;
  • Then Click Update availability;
  • Go to the exact property you would like to update and then select the date that the property will be available from. The Changes you have effected will be saved automatically.

If you wish to block some specific periods of availability, you will need to do the following:

  • Navigate to Propertiesin the upper horizontal menu;
  • Then Click on the property’s address;
  • Go to Pricing and Availabilityand then click Update Availability;
  • Then click Add period of unavailabilityand choose the dates you would like to block;
  • Now save your changes by clicking Save;
  • In order to delete a blocked period of time, just click x.

Any time an offer is available and updated, that offer will automatically rise to the top of the search results on our site.

The more visible and obvious your offer is, the higher the chances of receiving a booking request!

Why do I need to update availabilities?

It’s extremely important that your properties are updated on a regular basis whether they are free or not during the next few months.

This enables people to know if your place is presently available in the period it is needed it. Each and every time you update the availability of a property, it automatically and immediately moves to the top of our site search results.


How can I add/delete properties?

If you wish to join BuddyFlats for the first time or you have already joined BuddyFlats but feel like to adding a property, please do these.

In our Self-service platform all you need to do is:

– Choose the city, what you are renting and click on List my place;


– add your e-mail and click Sign up with BuddyFlats (this step is compulsory, even if you are already registered with us);

-then insert your personal details, click Continue and continue to sections Location and Basics;


– Please be aware that if you fail to fill in one question you will not be able to progress with the process. Once this happens, the rectangle outline will then turn to red, as you can see in the picture below. You will be able to proceed with the steps once the rectangle will turns green again;

– When you have reached the section Rooms, click Enter the details in each room, this enables you to insert detailed information about your rooms;


– In order to add Amenities, remove None and add the amenities your property entails;

– navigate and Click Add details;

– The next section or step is pictures where you can upload your photos by click Edit photos;

– Click the + icon to upload them;

You will then need to upload photos from all the rooms in the property, including: bedrooms, bathrooms as well as common areas as kitchen, living room and etc.


To make sure that your property has the best possibility to get booked, we require you upload photos with:

– Minimum resolution of 800x600px,

– Horizontal orientation,

– No watermarks, timestamps, or fisheye effects

– Now Click Finished;

– Once your new property is now online you will receive a welcome e-mail from BuddyFlats.


To delete a property please contact us through our contact us page.

If you need our help or in case you would like to add a new room to an existing property please contact through our contact us page. We will contact you ASAP!


I am a resident landlord. Should this information be stated in my listing?

For those that are considering moving into one of your rooms or apartment, it’s very important that they know the fact that they will be sharing the apartment with their landlord. That’s the kind of stuff they really want to know. So if you are a ‘resident landlord’ (and you are living in the same apartment that you’re booking with Buddyflats), it’s very important that you explained this on all of your listing.

It’s extremely essential to have updated and accurate information about who you are: genderage rangeoccupation, family members, and pets.

If you are a new landlord have it in mind to provide this information as soon as you join the BuddyFlats platform. Provided you already have a listing with us and would like to update your information, please contact us through our contact us page.


Can I answer a review?

All Tenants have the opportunity to review the property and the landlord when they leave.

Any time any of your offers is reviewed, you will receive an email from us with a link to where you can answer the review.


            MY BOOKINGS


Where can I manage my bookings?

Once you become a landlord at BuddyFlates, then you will get access to your own personal dashboard.

There you can accept or decline booking requests and also have an overview of all your booking’s history.


How do I know I have a booking request and how long do I have to accept it?

You will receive a booking request by email, once you have a tenant interested in renting your place.

You have just 48 hours to either accept or decline each booking. You can do this in two ways:

  • By clicking one of the buttons in the booking request email;


  • Also by going to your dashboard and accessing the booking menu under My requests option


Can I speak with the tenant before accepting the booking?

Until the booking is closed, BuddyFlats mediates or serves as a middleman in the conversation between you and any potential tenant.

This is mainly because we are just trying to spare you as many questions and queries, phone calls and emails as we can.

Once the booking request is accepted, BuddyFlats will then make available to you all the contact details of your future tenant so that you can arrange the move-in hour and other small but necessary details directly.

Do tenants visit the property before booking?

The majority of the students booking through BuddyFlats need to book their housing before moving to their new city or simply do the entire procedure online. This is exactly why we offer Professional Photography services to most of our online properties; this includes a personalized floor plan design and also a walk-through video.

Our internal Onboarding team also runs through the details you give us and writes a personalized description of your place before we publish your property on BuddyFlats platform.

This is how BuddyFlats is able to make certain that every property completely reflects its description while not offering house viewings, saving you the stress of having to do this time-taking task and allowing you to focus on only the things that matter most.

We are in regular contact with you to ensure that all the information you listed about your property is properly updated. If you at all need to change anything on your listings, please use our contact option or access your dashboard.


When is the booking confirmed?

The moment you accept a booking (through email or dashboard) it’s then confirmed in our system. This implies that from the moment you have accepted the boking, your potential tenant already paid BuddyFlats the first month rent that will as well be transferred to you two business days after the tenant has moves-in.

Please make your property is ready to receive the tenant in the date that has been agreed on, before you accept the booking.


What happens if my tenant moves out earlier?

Although this is unusual, occasionally tenants leave earlier than the booking move-out date. In such situations you need to contact us so we can confirm the early leave with the tenant and also update your availabilities properly and accordingly: in cases like this, the availability needs to be updated internally by us.

Please bear it in mind that you are entitled to withhold the deposit that was paid to you upon the tenant’s arrival, if the tenant leaves earlier than the booking move-out date

What if I don’t accept the booking request for the empty property?

As soon as you notify our claims team that a Guaranteed Booking occupant left early, then we will do our best to re-book that same property.

BuddyFlats will send you a booking request to fill the void, and we will not continue to pay the rent if you don’t accept our booking request or you let it expire. The same thing is applicable if you find a new tenant by yourself.


What is BuddyFlats dashboard?

As soon as your property is online with BuddyFlats, you will have access to your own personal BuddyFlats dashboard.

Here you can:

– update your availabilities;

– see your bookings history;

– manage and view your listings;

– accept booking requests;

– verify your phone, email and offline ID;

– insert your bank and invoice details.

You will obtain dashboard access details through email, as soon as your property is ready. You can always access your dashboard.


How do I set my dashboard password for the first time?

As soon as your first property is online, you will then receive a welcome or greeting email. To set your dashboard password:

  • Now you need Click Access your Dashboardbutton in your welcome e-mail;
  • Once you are inside your dashboard, insert and choose and confirm your password (6 characters minimum) then click Confirm and continue;
  • Now that the password has been set, click Access Dashboard, then put your e-mail and password and click Log in.

Click Remember me to log in automatically, when next you wish to login.


How do I change my password?

To change the password of your dashboard you just need to:

  • Log into your BuddyFlats dashboard
  • Then Click Account Settings;


  • Click  Change password;


  • Type in your presently password, the new password and confirm it. Please make sure the passwords matches;
  • Save itonce you are done


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

To reset your password:

  • Access  your dashboard and then choose Forget password;


  • put your email address and click Reset password;


  • Check your mail inbox. You will receive an email with a button to resets your password.


  • Choose your new password (6 characters minimum) in the New Passwordfield and repeat under Confirm Password Please make sure the passwords match;
  • Click Reset password. A green box will appear confirming that your password has been successfully recovered;


  • Click Return to log in. Type in your email and your new password. Press Log into go to your personal dashboard.




  • Save or add the link to your dashboard by adding it to the favorites or bookmarks
  • In order to log in automatically, click Remember mewhen logging in.

How do I change my email address and phone number?


We can easily help you change the email and phone number associated with your BuddyFlats account.

Just contact us, and then inform us of what your new email or phone number is.

As security measures, we will only answer to this request if  only it’s sent from the same email address we currently have in our website database.




What are the types of rental?

At BuddyFlats you can decide to rent your property in 3 diverse ways: the entire property, by bed or by bedroom.

  • Entire property, if you want to rent your property as a whole.
  • By bed, if your bedrooms have more than one bed, then, you can rent per bed. Each property can only have one rental type associated with it.

If you want to change the rental type of your property, you need through our contact us page

 By bedroom, if you want to rent your properties’ bedrooms one at a time.


What is a security deposit?

There are two major types of deposits namely: Security and Holding deposits.

The security deposit is paid by the tenant when they are moving in. This information is made available in your listing and in the booking request as well as confirmation emails.

The deposit is used to cater for any possible damages that could occur during the stay or to be used as compensation in case the tenant leaves earlier than originally planned or booked. If no damages happen, and the tenant leaves on the already agreed move-out date, the deposit must be refunded to the guest in a way both of you agree on.

Although the deposit is mentioned severally, it helps to send a small reminder to your tenant before the move-in date.

What is a holding deposit?

There are two major types of deposits: Holding and Security deposits.

The holding deposit: this is what a tenant pays when they are booking to prove their intention of holding the reservation. This deposit is paid through BuddyFlats and then transferred to you two business days after the booking is accepted. If the tenant decided to cancel the booking after you accepted it, this deposit should not be refunded.


What is the admin fee?

Admin fee is the type of fee that you can include in your listing in order to cover your administrative costs.

The tenant will only pay this fee once, directly to you and it can also be set as optional – to be paid only in some occasions, defined by you.

What does the bill cap mean?

You have the prospect to have all bills included in your listings (such as electricity, water, gas and internet) in the monthly rent.

Listings with bills included are extremely popular among our tenants. On the other hand, if you don’t feel OK or comfortable in having all or some bills included you can set a limit or cap. You can have

  • a cap in specific bills


  • a cap for all the bills

This decisions actually yours! If you would like to update the bills cap in your listings you just have to contact us through our contact us page.


BuddyFlats landlords are paid via bank transfer.

If you have already updated your bank details in your BuddyFlats  dashboard, the payment is done in 2 business days, following the booking move-in date. We will then transfer you the first month rent, deducting our commission. The subsequent months will be paid by the tenant straightly to you.

Please be aware that BuddyFlats is a company based in the Barcelona. So for this reason, international transfers could take up to 5 business days to reach your account, depending on your type of bank.

Do you provide an invoice?

 BuddyFlats provides an invoice on the commission charged.

You can input your invoice details in your dashboard, please contact us through our support center.

As soon as the invoice is ready, you will receive it in your inbox.


Who can access my personal details?

The only people who can gain access to your personal details are BuddyFlats staff members who are responsible for managing your account as well as payment transfers.