Our Goal & Mission

At BuddyFlats, our goal remains that you never miss your ideal home and can concentrate exclusively on your studies, we also work extremely hard to ensure your Barcelona experience become a remarkable and an unforgettable one, and most importantly a stress-free experience.

After several years of getting to know lots of students from around the world, we found out that what students like is a sense of independence, that only living off campus gave them. However they also want the security and comfort which our apartments provides. It was based on this discovery that we strive much more to satisfy students who come to study in Barcelona with superlative accommodation services. Since then, Thousands of international students both postgraduate and undergraduate have stayed in our student apartments in Barcelona.

We help students to find their perfect home abroad. Buddyflats.com has been in existence for years in the making, and our hard working team has already helped thousands of students find their perfect homes.


At Buddy flats, we have the widest, most cautiously and carefully selected varieties of rooms that were built and are managed exclusively for students. This gives you the power and opportunity to explore and compare a wide range of rooms across different neighborhoods so as to make the right choice. Choosing the right and the best home gives you a safe and inspiring foundation. It enables students to grow and make the most of their journey.



Buddyflats.com understands the fact that accommodation plays an important part in building a genuinely solid foundation towards the academic success for students. We work very hard so that students can enjoy the benefits of access to the most quality accommodation options across the city, and at various price points, when they seek accommodation assistance from Buddy flats.